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              Introduction of Exhibition Center



              The Exhibition Center of Yantai Nuclear Power Base is built by SDNPC for nuclear power popularization and publicity. It is located in Yantai Hi-tech Development Zone, with a distance of 300m to the seaside and about 100km to Haiyang NPP. The Exhibition Center is a 3-storey building with a construction area of 4185 square meters, and is divided into four areas: the Exhibition Area, the Public Service Area, the Administration Area and the 4D Cinema. In the Exhibition Area, there are 4 theme pavilions: People and Energy, Magical Nuclear Energy, Approaching NPP, and Future Energy. The Exhibition Center has a capacity of 300 people per day.

              Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant being constructed adopts the advanced 3rd Generation nuclear power technology – AP1000 designed by Westinghouse Electric Company, and will provide continuous clean energy for Shandong Province. The construction of the Exhibition Center reflects the CPI corporate spirit of “Providing Green Energy Serving the General Public”. As an advanced and first-rate exhibition center for nuclear power popularization and publicity, the Exhibition Center will provide the public an opportunity to know, to approach, to feel, to acknowledge and to support nuclear power. It will serve as:

              ⅠNuclear Power Science Center. There’s no such science center built for publicity and introduction of nuclear energy to the public especially to the adolescent before. The Exhibition Center absorbs design experiences of science museums at home and abroad, and introduces the application of nuclear energy by means of physical models and multimedia games.

              Ⅱthe propaganda window for SDNPC. The Exhibition Center shows the development history and goal of SDNPC to serve the public, carry out its social responsibility, and promote the company, in order to make the public understand the company’s idea and culture, and support its development.

              Ⅲa new scenic spot of Yantai. The Exhibition Center locates in the beautiful Yantai Hi-tech Development Zone, and is close to the seaside. All items displayed in the center are closely related to SDNPC company culture as well as the AP1000 nuclear power technology, which may attract more tourists being fond of nuclear power from China and other countries.